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“Freelance platform” initiative Featured

• this initiative was lunched in the forum of Dec 2016 ,8-6.

• it is an initiative lunched by the Ministry of Labor and consists of online portal of the

“freelance” program to empower Saudis (males and females) with job op-portunities.

• “freelance” platform includes 78 careers where entrepreneurs can benefit from

subscribing in “General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)” sponsored by

“Human Recourses Development Fund”, “freelance” is a portal that combines freelance

professionals with employers and entrepreneurs.

• the portal provides professionals and employers with integrated working envi-ronment

notably adding project, applying for the project, reviewing the pre-sented offers,

reporting the project, completing the project and evaluation.

• since lunching the platform on December 2016 to December 175000 ,2017 per-sons

had registered and 45000 persons had issued the digital certificates.

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