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“Innovation Center” initiative Featured

• this initiative was established in Asbar Forum of 2017 on Nov 2017/16-14

• the innovation award and Innovation Center were lunched in partnership with Small

and Medium Enterprises General Authority. this initiative targets explor-ing talents

and innovators and provides opportunities to entrepreneurs with in-novative ideas to

display their projects to investors.

• National Hawk: the electromagnetism “National Hawk” is one of the winning inventions

in the 1st Innovation Award of 2016. the “National Hawk” becomes a product

in the market and it works as an alternative to the electrical float switch to control

switching water pump on/off automatically.

• Al Maha Corporation: a group of master’s students from KAUST CEMSE and

KAUST PSE established Al Maha system at King Abdullah University of Science and

Technology and it interests in using technology to monitor cattle’s health. it won the

1st prize in forum of 2017.

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