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Media Hackathon Initiative (7 – 8 February 2020)



The Fourth edition of Asbar World Forum (AWF) in 2019 unveiled “Media Hackathon” initiative as the first event of its kind in Saudi Arabia. The event will be held on 7-8 February 2020 in partnership with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (T), bringing together on campus media makers and an expert pool of software developers, graphic designers and project managers. It will tackle major challenges and issues encountering the sector and various media channels by introducing a set of original programming innovations.

With the participation of a large unisex group of developers in Saudi Arabia, the initiative seeks to develop software projects, create innovative and usable programs and translate ideas into profitable investment projects. It also pursues the creation of products that can be backed and promoted within markets to extend the impact of its ideas as wide as possible.

The initiative is set to polarize young leading programmers to explore latest tech solutions that will enrich and improve the digital media sector.

Its key objective is to improve the quality of media services through creating a new innovative technology, polarizing young programming pioneers and providing the environment that helps develop personal and technical skills of its members.

This action shows AWF commitment to stimulating an innovative climate and to attaining a technological leadership position regionally and globally by supporting youths and offering diverse opportunities per Vision2030.

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